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First things first: The single player experience

Since Bizarre Creations was dissolved in Feb, Blur has lost a lot of its functionality.   You can no longer compete in the single player parts of the game vs. the rest of the world, and you cannot send your posts to Facebook or Twitter.  However, single player remain very viable because there are special cars you unlock by winning each “one on one” that you can then use online.  These at least give you a fighting chance while you begin to work your way up the Legend ladder.

As far as the single player goes, there are 7 different “seasons” you go through.  There are 3 types of events:

– Race, which is self explanatory

– Destruction, which means you have to destroy cars and earn a certain number of points to get the 3/4/5 lights

– Checkpoint, which is a race against the clock

To make things easier, Blur has 3 difficulty levels, Easy, Medium and Hard.

Easy is well, REALLY easy.  If you can’t win a race on easy then perhaps racing isn’t your cup of tea.  You can get through pretty much all the events with at least Bronze number of lights (3) on Easy, but you won’t be able to hit all the fan targets (you’ll get too far out in front).

Medium strikes a good balance.  Still pretty easy for me, being I’ve raced over 3000 times online.

Hard is, well VERY hard.  Even I don’t win all the time on hard.  When the leaderboards were up, only the ones who did the event on Hard got to the top, as it should be.  Now, you should mainly just use this to hit the fan targets, being that speeds are near equal, you should have plenty of chances to cause mayhem.

There are also fan gates you need to hit in order to achieve 7 lights for the event.  These are also pretty much mandatory if you want to hit the fan targets too.

In stage 3, you’re introduced to fan challenges.  These give you a task and start counting down to zero.  One might be “Get to 200 MPH”.  The faster you do this, the more fans you get.

After every event fans are added to your offline rank, all the way to 25.  Once you’ve reached that point, you will have unlocked everything except for the “Legendary” cars.  The only way to get these is to Legend up (through fans) online.  You can then take these cars into the single player events.  So if you’re having trouble with something, sometimes one of these cars can make all the difference.

Also, when you win a one-on-one, you gain their “mod”.  Experiment with the different mods and make sure you pick the appropriate one for the event you are doing.  I like the “Fan Nitro” one, which gives you a nitro for every 500 fans you earn.

So that’s just some of my thoughts.  Got questions?  Let’s hear them.


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Welcome to my Blur racing strategy forum!

Since there aren’t many strategies out there for the racing game Blur, I decided to make this blog and pour out everything I have learned after playing for almost 10 days (!!!!) worth of time. Currently I am 264th in the world out of 34,000 players on the PS3 with 38,000+ Driver Score points.

Feel free to ask and/or post any questions/problems and I’ll be sure to answer them. My intention is to add something new everyday!

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